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Truth or Myth? Common Myths About Remodeling Your Kitchen

Truth or Myth? Common Myths About Remodeling Your Kitchen

Are you thinking about remodeling your kitchen? Just the thought can be overwhelming! Where do I start? What are my priorities? Where do I cook while construction is going on? These are all good questions to ask, for which you can readily find answers with a little research. Shop-O-Rama suggests that while searching for answers, it’s important to filter out the truth from the myths. Read on to explore some common myths about a kitchen remodel and learn the truths about your next big reno.

Myth #1: A Kitchen Remodel Isn't Worth the Money

There are no two ways around it: if you want to remodel your kitchen properly, it's going to cost you money. New appliances are expensive, and when you hire contractors for countertops or tile, you'll be paying for the people and the product. If you're planning to sell your house in the next few years, making sure you get a good return on the money you spend on your kitchen remodel becomes an important factor to consider before starting.

Luckily, the numbers for mid-range kitchen remodels look pretty great! A mid-range remodel includes putting in new matching appliances, changing cabinet faces, upgrading countertops or painting walls, but does not include rearranging layouts, moving walls or building islands.

Various sources put the return on your investment for a mid-range kitchen remodel at anywhere from 75% to over 100%.

Simply put, if you were to spend $20,000 on a kitchen remodel, you could reasonably expect your home to sell for $15,000 or more than before the remodel. Buyers very often list the kitchen as one of the most important factors they weigh before purchasing a home. It's easy to see why when you consider how much time is spent in the kitchen and how a well-laid-out kitchen increases the cooking workflow.

Myth #2: My Kitchen Remodel Will Go Out of Style Anyway

It's true that trends come and go. The same is true about kitchen remodeling trends. We've all seen avocado-green refrigerators and flowery wallpaper still kicking around. It can be intimidating to make choices now that will affect your future enjoyment and the value of the space.

However, there are some timeless features you can add as part of your remodel that will keep your kitchen in style for years to come. It's important to avoid fads and focus on classic looks that make every kitchen shine.

One of the classic looks that will always stay fresh in your kitchen are bright white cabinets for a clean, appealing look. Don't overlook the hardware on the cabinets. Adding modern drawer pulls and cabinet knobs is an inexpensive way to upgrade your cabinets.

Another feature that won't fade over time is a subway tile backsplash. You've seen them everywhere and it's not surprising why. These big tiles complement almost any kitchen. Plus, their shiny surface makes them easy to clean, important for kitchens that get a lot of use.

When you use subway tiles, you can enhance their timeless look by placing them in different patterns such as mosaic or herringbone. You can also use a darker grout between tiles for contrast.

Myth #3: Bigger is Better

It's normal to want a huge eat-in kitchen with a massive pantry and spacious kitchen island, with room for five or six people to easily move and congregate in the space. But, doing a kitchen remodel is all about working within your budget, and within your space.

If it's space you're looking for, knocking down walls might not be necessary. But there are some things you can do to allow for the flow of foot and food traffic to work together more efficiently.

When you think of the workflow in your kitchen, think of a triangle. There should be a clear three-way flow of traffic between your fridge, stove, and sink. When you think about these three areas, start to plan what other items can be added to them to increase the efficiency of the space. For example, storage space near the fridge will help keep all your food items together, so consider adding a pantry in that area.

Having things hidden behind cabinet doors makes your kitchen look less cluttered and helps you move and work more freely. There's almost always room for more cabinets, and they'll give you more space for your money, so don't be afraid to add them in.

If you need help or have questions, come to Shop-O-Rama. We'll be happy to assist you with the best service possible.

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