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Home Improvement Bloggers to Follow in 2022

Home Improvement Bloggers to Follow in 2022

At Shop-O-Rama, we believe that the best way to keep up with some of the hottest trends in home renovation is to follow some great content creators. Here are some bloggers whose content will teach and inspire you in your own home improvement journey.

Newly Woodwards

The Woodwards bought their first home not quite knowing what they were getting into. It ended up needing a complete renovation, which they undertook themselves over the course of two years, learning along the way. Now, with the two of them having completed five whole-house renovations, they are almost experts in the field.

The philosophy of Newly Woodwards is that DIY projects can make your home uniquely yours without breaking your budget. Everything doesn’t need to be perfect – as long as it’s perfect to you. And if home renovation projects aren’t what you’re looking for, there are a ton of plans for home decor projects, cleaning and organizing, and gardening.

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Young House Love

John and Sherry of Young House Love have been keeping up a DIY blog for over 14 years. In that time, they’ve renovated seven homes, done a podcast and designed products for major hardware stores. If that wasn’t enough to keep them busy, their blog showcases over 3,000 projects they’ve worked on through the years.

After all the years of craziness, John and Sherry downsized their entire life into a smaller home, so you will find a lot of great articles about creating cozy outdoor spaces, getting the most out of your storage, and making rooms multi-functional.

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Manhattan Nest

Manhattan Nest is run by Daniel Kanter. The blog was started while he was living in a dorm room. From there, he moved into a New York City apartment and finally a bigger home in upstate New York blogging all the way. Because of this, Daniel’s site has projects you can do in any kind of space.

You’ll find DIY tutorials for tiling your kitchen backsplash, building cabinets, fences and faux fireplaces. His blog even contains some recipes in case you get hungry in the middle of all your renovations!

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Centsational Style

Kate Riley is a lawyer-turned-blogger who lives in the wine country of Northern California. Kate writes about how to bring affordable style to your home with posts about inspiring interior design, smart home improvement and creative DIY projects.

At Centsational Style, you’ll find projects broken down by categories like Home Improvement, Outdoor, and even separated into Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter projects. Her projects range in size from a scratching post for your cat to an entire bathroom refresh, so chances are good that you’ll find some inspiration here.

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Ugly Duckling House

Sarah from Ugly Duckling House started her career working a regular day job. Now, she creates and curates for her blog, which hosts a ton of great DIY projects and inspiring ideas. Sarah’s DIY philosophy is that practice and experience make perfect. The more you do, the more experience you are able to draw on for your next projects.

Ugly Duckling House seemingly has a category for any DIY project you can think of. Projects are sorted by room, by season, and even by tools used. There’s also a category for skill building, which teaches anything from basic techniques that are helpful for any project to full tutorials with videos and free plans.

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DIY Huntress

DIY Huntress is run by Sam from Long Island, NY. She has a full time job, but that doesn’t stop her from putting out a lot of great DIY content on the side. For most DIYers who can’t afford to spend all their time working on their home, her blog makes having a life and DIY passion attainable and manageable.

Looking around Sam’s website, you’ll find many different projects for your home. You will also find the Tool School 101 series where you can learn how to use certain tools you may not pick up very often. You can also find tool gift-giving guides, cleaning tips, and organization and maintenance tips.

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DIY Showoff

Roeshel at DIY Showoff has been able to turn DIY blogging into a full-time career. She is also not afraid to show the craziness and behind-the-scenes pictures of the DIY lifestyle. She encourages embracing imperfection and creating a healthy environment in your home.

Some of the DIY posts Roeshel has come up with are smaller in scope like building herb and succulent gardens. If you're looking for more intense projects, there are also tutorials for laying new bathroom floors and making your own chalk paint.

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