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Shop-O-Rama's two stores are places you can come-as-you-are, whether that's straight from a plumbing job, or if you're about to start an indoor or outdoor project of any kind. Maybe you're looking for new sports gear for someone in the family, or you need a unique gift. The clothing boutique carries the latest in swimwear, shirts, dresses and matching bags as well as fashion accessories.

Young and old, farmer, banker, plant worker, gardener, executive, teenager or tourist traveling through – all are welcome! Whatever you need, there's a good chance we've got it! If you can't find what you need, be sure to let us know, so we can try to source it for you.


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Marshall County 5-year-old finds calling on the court

Edwin Donohoo is proud of his 5-year-old grandson Parker, who is obsessed with becoming a referee – his newfound passion.

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In the Spring, Shop-O-Rama launched its new website and online store with over 70,000 products. Now customers can shop any time from anywhere. The new website features a virtual 360 tour of each store making it so easy to browse before you shop!


In January the Calvert store moved into the former Dollar Store location in the same shopping plaza - tripling it's former space!


Mike and Edwin Donohoo of Benton, purchased the business and invested the same passion for providing first-rate service, sourcing quality products and offering discount pricing.


Terry and his son Craig opened a second store located in the Calvert City Rolling Hills Shopping Center.


Shop-O-Rama was founded by Mac and Terry Tucker of Benton, Kentucky on April 17th, 1965. A year later the store was relocated to Draffenville, Kentucky where it is today. This store is often referred to as "Gateway" Shop-O-Rama since the Draffenville community is the gateway to so many of our surrounding communities and tourist attractions. With Hwy 68, Hwy 641, and the Purchase Parkway all converging in Draffenville, it truly is a "Gateway" to the community and to Shop-O-Rama!



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